Ph.D. Student Recruiting


Management Ph.D. Program

We are a productive and closely knit group of researchers with strong interest in studying organizational phenomena from a social network perspective, and we are currently seeking applicants for our doctoral program.

Students in our Management PhD Program gain exposure and develop competencies in traditional areas of management research, such as organizational management and theory, organizational behavior, business policy and strategy, and human resource management.  Students are also a part of the LINKS Center and have access to multiple seminars on social network analysis.

We have a highly collaborative faculty and maintain a small doctoral program in order to ensure significant interactions between our students and faculty. Our program prepares graduates to be marketable for tenure-track positions in reputable research institutions as well as for long-term career success (recent alumni have published in outlets such as the Academy of Management Journal, Organization Science, Journal of Applied Psychology, Journal of Management, Academy of Management Annals, and Human Resource Management).


Our Placements

Our Faculty and Research

We seek bright, dedicated applicants whose developing research interests complement or supplement those of the faculty within our department.  Please use the following links to learn more about our LINKS Center faculty and research.  In addition to our work in social networks, faculty within the LINKS Center and larger Department of Management currently have competencies/interests in both micro and macro organizational topics: 

  • Our more micro-oriented faculty members conduct research in areas such as career trajectories, conflict, counterproductive workplace behaviors, creativity, innovation, culture, the effects of social media on collaboration, HR attributions, leadership, person-environment fit, and power/influence/politics. 
  • Our more macro-oriented faculty members conduct research in areas such as competitive behavior and competitive forbearance, betrayal and guilt (in macro contexts), knowledge transfer, new venture growth, organization design, organizational status, social cognition, and TMT decision making.

Our faculty are well-regarded within the organizational research community, as evidenced by having over 85,000 citations, organizing recurring conferences and workshops, and by serving as editors and on the editorial boards of journals such as Administrative Science Quarterly, Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Review, Journal of Applied Psychology, Journal of ManagementOrganization Science, Strategic Organization, and Personnel Psychology.

Life in Our Program

Our doctoral students receive a stipend (currently: approximately $25K, which goes a long way given the relatively cheap cost of living here in picturesque Lexington, Kentucky) and a full tuition waiver for up to five years. We also provide generous resources for regular attendance at academic conferences. Students in our doctoral program typically do not teach until their third year and then only once per academic year in order to gain marketable teaching experience while focusing on coursework and research.

To Learn More and Apply

Please visit our formal program website or contact Scott Soltis.