ION Conference

The conference's goals are to encourage the continued development of a vibrant, tighter-knit community among organizational social network researchers. The conference attendance list is kept intentionally short in order to provide the opportunity for meaningful interaction. We also strive to create a rotating mix of senior, junior and mid-career researchers in order to provide an opportunity for learning and mentorship. ION emphasizes discussion through the use of multiple formats:

  • Research workshops - papers close to completion that can be circulated in advance of the conference for attendees' comments in an interactive setting
  • Research presentations - presentations on research papers that are not circulated ahead of the conference
  • Early-stage research presentations - work in a formative stage
  • Dilemma-based/future paths roundtables - researchers bring methodological or conceptual dilemma and future paths for interactive problem-solving
  • Pre-conference methodological workshops

2023 ION Conference